T. C.
Supreme Court
4. Criminal Deparment

Merits No: 2013/8808
Decision No: 2015/23904
Decision Date:


THE CASE AND DECISION: The files referred to the local court were appealed and the files were discussed in terms of the length of the application and the nature of the decision and the date of the offense.


The grounds of the appeal was rejected and the basis of the matter was passed.


The minutes reflecting the trial process in which the conscience of conscience is formed are in the form of documents and justification,


Participant and witness İ. A. ‘s consistent declarations in the stages, when the mobile phone’s loudspeaker is switched on while they work together at 21:00 in the municipal toll booth. prostitute, I will make a bullet mania ey in the face of the threat and insult that they say, for which reason the defending reputation and unexplained reason for acquittal of acquittal from both offenses,


CONCLUSION: It was decided unanimously on 06.03.2015 that the case of Sultan Geyikçi, who was against the law and which was attended by the Deputy Governor of Geyikçi, was seen in the place of thought in the Communiqué.