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Mehmet Aşıkoğlu LLM - Founder & Head Lawyer

Mehmet AŞIKOĞLU who founded the Aşıkoğlu Law Office in 2013 after quitting his position as the Alanya Public Prosecutor, completed his bachelor’s studies at the Dokuz Eylül Univesity Faculty of Law and undertook his Master’s degree at the Konya Selçuk University’s Department of Public Law. After starting his service as a Judge-Prosecutor candidate in 2008, Mehmet Aşıkoğlu completed a part of his training in Çorum and the remaining part at the Ankara Justice Academy, Supreme Court of Appeal, Supreme Court of Appeals Prosecutor’s Office. After fulfilling his military service as a lieutenant Military Prosecutor and the Sarıkamış Military Criminal Court, Aşıkoğlu started his position as the Alanya Public Prosecutor in 2009 and continued until 2013 when he quit his position to initiate his career as Alanya lawyer and owner of the Office


Ahmet Yasin Yıldız Lawyer

Alanya lawyer Ahmet Yasin Yıldız was born on 03.05.1994 in Gazipaşa. He completed his high school education in Gazipaşa Anatolian High School. In 2012, he started studying the Faculty of Law of the University of Ankara. He graduated from the faculty in 2016. He has registred to  the Antalya Bar Association as a lawyer. Then he has started working in  Aşıkoğlu Law Office.

Since his university years he has been working especially on Criminal Law, Consumer Law, European Union Law, Corporate Law and Sociology of Law.

Lawyer Ahmet Yasin Yıldız, one of the founders of the Ara Culture and Art Nagazine published throughout Ankara during the university years, wrote for four years here as a author. He also actively worked on animal rights in the “Hand under the Stone” group of the Ankara University Law Faculty.

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Ecehan Erol Yılmaz Lawyer

Lawyer Ecehan EROL YILMAZ, born in Adana, completed her high school education in Antalya. Ecehan EROL YILMAZ, who graduated from KTO Karatay University Faculty of Law, came to Antalya after completing her law education and started to work as an independent lawyer in Antalya Bar Association. She is currently working as a lawyer and legal consultant at Aşıkoğlu Law Firm. At the same time, she is continuing his Master’s degree in Public Law at Antalya Bilim University Faculty of Law. Areas of expertise: Criminal Law, International Law, Foreigners Law, Real-Estate Law, Conpensation Law Foreign languages: English, German.

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Kemal Berkant Şahin Lawyer

I was born on September 17, 1994 in Kayseri. Due to my father’s profession, after living in many cities at a young age, when I was 7 years old, we settled in Gazipaşa District of Antalya in 2001 and I have been living here since then. After completing my primary education at Gazipaşa Private Bilge College, I completed my high school education at Gazipaşa Anatolian High School. Later, I started preparatory work for university and won the Faculty of Law, which was my dream. After completing my university and law education at Erzincan University Faculty of Law, I returned to Alanya district of Antalya to take my first step into the lawyer profession.

After settling on the coastline and meeting the sea, I started to be interested in swimming. In my primary and high school life, I achieved individual degrees in many local swimming competitions that I participated in on behalf of the school. When I started university, my enthusiasm for swimming overcame the opportunities of the city where I studied and became the cornerstone of my establishment of Erzincan University Swimming Club. At the university, I actively worked as the head of the Swimming Club and also as the captain of the university swimming team affiliated to the club. Through this club, I have created opportunities for our young friends who are passionate about sports to practice swimming and also gave swimming courses to our friends who want to take care of swimming as a hobby but do not know how to swim. I organized not only sports activities but also some collective activities such as seminars and courses under the roof of the club, and I ensured the participation of expert trainers and athletes in these activities.

During my university years, I was entitled to receive Communication and Leadership certificates thanks to the courses and seminars organized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Credit and Hostels Institution. Nevertheless, when I was at university, as a volunteer at the Turkish Education Volunteers Foundation, I helped young children in their lessons.

In addition to these, we established a group called “Divorced People Platform” on Facebook in order to help people who try to make their voices heard on social media in 2014 regarding my own license area, and we tried to help and shed light on the legal problems of individuals after their divorce. While establishing this group, our aim was to make our voice heard against the injustice caused by the indefinite alimony regulated in the Civil Code, later on the group grew and continues to work actively with its 5,000 members with a wider perspective. Thanks to this group, T.B.M.M was contacted many times, and as a result, on the days when I wrote this article, the relevant commission of the Parliament initiated studies against indefinite poverty alimony. I am a registered member of Antalya bar and I have been working in Aşıkoğlu International Law Office.

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Enes Yıldız Lawyer

Enes Yıldız was born in Ankara in 1996. He is originally from Artvin. After his childhood in Çorum, he attended middle and high school in Ankara. He is currently studying law at Akdeniz University. During his high school years, he was interested in archery and swimming. He is currently the president of LÖSEV student association at Akdeniz University.

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Alper Germen Legal Practitioner

Alper Germen was born in Uşak in 1997. He completed his primary school education in Uşak, and then studied high school as a boarder at “Esme Anadolu Ogrentmen” High School. He was interested in chess and basketball in high school. He continues his education at Akdeniz University Faculty of Law. He is a member of the school’s “Akdeniz Motorcyle” motor clup and “Metal Music” student clup. He is on the board of Akdeniz University LÖSEV student community.

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Bade Alzubi Legal Practitioner

Bade Alzubi was born in Jordan on July 18, 2000. He completed his high school education in Texas kingwood high school. He was interested in soccer and Bodybuilding in high school . He also won the best goalkeeper award of the year in the USA. He continues his education at Antalya Bilim University faculty of law .

Foreign languages : Arabic Turkish and english  


Mahmut Kaan Datlı Legal Practitioner

Mahmut Kaan DATLI was born on 04.01.2000 and in Kahramanmaraş. He studied primary school in Kahramanmaraş. After that, he completed high school at Kipaş Educational Institutions. He was interested in playing volleyball, football and court tennis. He got admitted to the Gaziantep University faculty of law after graduated from high school. He has been still studying at law college. He was a member of the LÖSEV student community at Gaziantep University. Foreign language: English

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Sevgi Oktan Clerk

Sevgi Oktan was born in Mersin on June 10, 1996. She completed her high school education in Gazipaşa Vocational Technical Education Center in Child Development and Education. She has completed her undergraduate education at Kazim Karabekir Vocational School affiliated to Karaamanoğlu Mehmetbey University.
In university years; she has participated in various seminars and courses related to information systems, presentation techniques, diction, effective and beautiful speaking techniques and persuasion techniques.

Sevgi Oktan works as clerk and archive specialist in Aşıkoğlu Law Office.

Due to her interest she also has private security competence.
Because of her interest in music, she has learned playing baglama and she plays baglama very well.


Yağız Canseven Probationer

I was born in Lüleburgaz District of Kırklareli in 2001. I’ve lived in a lot of places, depending on my father’s profession. I studied part of my primary school at Atatürk Primary School in Ömerli District of Mardin province and part of my secondary school with the rest at Hüseyin Durmaz Secondary School in Hisaronu village of Marmaris district of Muğla. After finishing secondary school in Bilecik, Pazaryeri Atatürk secondary school, I received my high school education in Karacabey Ulviye Matlı Science High School and I won Çankırı Law School. Currently 2. I have passed the class.
During my student life, I was interested in Table Tennis and basketball and participated in Table Tennis tournaments. As a child, I studied American cultural language courses to a certain level and tried to improve myself. And I’ve improved a little bit about playing the binding.

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Helin Küçükhazar Probationer

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Uğur Yıldırım Legal Assistant

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