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Gamze Gökçeoğlu Lawyer

Gamze GÖKÇEOĞLU borned in Alanya 01.01.1987. She had completed her primary and secondary education in Alanya. Also she had completed her high school education in Alanya.  After high school education she started  undergraduate education in Istanbul University Faculty of Arts and Sciences Department of Biology. After that, Gamze Gökçeoğlu completed her Master’s degree in Akdeniz  University. When she was studying at University she also decided to study Law and she started her second undergraduate education at Anadolu University Faculty of Law. After graduated from Faculty of Law, she has registered to Antalya Bar and has started to work as a Lawyer and Legal Counsel in Aşıkoğlu Law Office. Some of her main practice areas are, Family Law, Labor Law, Criminal Law, Inheritance Law, Property – Real Estate Law, Commercial Law.

Alanya lawyer Gamze Gökçeoğlu is a poet and she wants to publish a poet book in the advancing years. She is semi-professional swimmer. Also she is traveller. Gamze Gökçeoğlu interested in photography, latin dances and decorative arts.