Ahmet Yasin Yıldız

Ahmet Yasin Yıldız Lawyer

Alanya lawyer Ahmet Yasin Yıldız was born on 03.05.1994 in Gazipaşa. He completed his high school education in Gazipaşa Anatolian High School. In 2012, he started studying the Faculty of Law of the University of Ankara. He graduated from the faculty in 2016. He has registred to  the Antalya Bar Association as a lawyer. Then he has started working in  Aşıkoğlu Law Office.

Since his university years he has been working especially on Criminal Law, Consumer Law, European Union Law, Corporate Law and Sociology of Law.

Lawyer Ahmet Yasin Yıldız, one of the founders of the Ara Culture and Art Nagazine published throughout Ankara during the university years, wrote for four years here as a author. He also actively worked on animal rights in the “Hand under the Stone” group of the Ankara University Law Faculty.